​​​​​White Rose Taxi

Pa PUC No. A-6317318

To Calculate Your Own Estimate

Go to mapquest

Calculate your mileage, and then multiply that by $2.00. 

- Again, this is only an ESTIMATE. Traffic and stop lights will affect your end price. Our drivers do their best to keep each other informed of road and traffic conditions to better serve you. 



All of our rates are clearly marked in our vehicles. Our drivers will never ask for a rate different from that. If the meter is not on when you leave, or the driver asks for a different amount, please call us or send us an email immediately. 

Just a few things

To keep in mind

Just some things to keep in mind when calling for a cab. We only operate a small fleet. It's very rare for a cab to be close enough to give you a wait time of less than 30 minutes. If you need a cab this very instant, we're very sorry, but it probably is not going to happen.

Also, if you ask for an estimate, it is an ESTIMATE. Please do not argue with our drivers over your fare. Our meters are serviced and checked by the Pa PUC. We're not trying to cheat anyone. Our rates are lower than all of our competitors. We haven't asked for a rate increase in several years. 

If you have a problem with one of our drivers, call our office or send an email. Please refrain from any altercations with the drivers.

We charge:

$1.80 for the first 1/5th of a mile

$1.90 for each additional mile.

$0.38 per minute wait time.

$5.00 for each returned item.

$1.00 for night time differential. 

We now take credit cards its a $10.00 minimum



There have been many reports about gypsy cabs posing as White Rose Taxi/D&L Cab Co. vehicles. We've been branding all of our vehicles with our new logo on all of our hoods. If you don't see the White Rose Logo, it's not us. 

Please for your own safety, if a cab pulls up outside with a car that does not have our logo, call our office number and verify the person. It's not about losing business, it's about your safety.



Just a few common misconceptions about the local taxi industry.

- We do NOT have a cab on every corner. 

- We do NOT have psychic abilities to know beforehand that you'll need a cab in 3 seconds.

- We are NOT all low life slobs that don't speak English and can't get a job anywhere else. We're your neighbors, and relatives just doing a job that pays the bills. 

- Our meters are calibrated to each vehicle. You must pay what's on the meter. 

- We do NOT just roll over for runaway fares. We will and do call the police. Is sitting in jail for $5 really worth it?

- Tips are appreciated.